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An Examination of Pablo Neruda as a Character in Il Postino Essay

An Examination of Pablo Neruda as a Character in Il Postino - Essay Example This essay declares that the film presents the creation and growth of a relationship between the poet in exile and a temporary mail carrier who is an indigenous resident on the island. The link between the poet and the mail carrier present a story about a person who discovers oneself through poetry. The poetic perspective was previously alien, and the personal discovery was an induction of the poet. The mail carrier, Mario, becomes the hero of the film as a result of the teaching and resemblance of Pablo Neruda. The release of the movie was in 1994 whereby the movie had an international success in the art film industry recognition. One of the successes was the winning of various global awards. Some of the awards include two BAFTAS that include the awards for the best director award and best alien language flick.This research stresses that  Pablo’s character represents the rich in the social hierarchy but a character that has a longing for a general outlook. The ideology of t he character is that the resources should be under the ownership of the community and not the few who have the power and are in control. The nature of being audible about communist ideology and the sending of the exile of Neruda to Italy is only possible to a person who has a wide reputation. The Italian government even lets Neruda confide in the country by turning down the request by Chile to extradite Neruda for constitutional claims.

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Scientific method Essay Example for Free

Scientific method Essay Outline and illustrate three characteristics of sense-data. (15 marks) Anticipate the following characteristics: †¢ We are immediately/directly acquainted with sense-data, (from which we infer a mindindependent reality). †¢ Sense-data are (usually) mental or mind-dependent. †¢ Sense-data exist only as they are perceived. †¢ Reports regarding sense-data are incorrigible. †¢ Sense-data are nothing other than how they appear – they have no hidden depths. †¢ The sense-data I experience will vary according to the conditions in which I perceive an object. †¢ Sense-data, unlike physical objects, can have indeterminate process. †¢ Sense-data and physical objects/distinguishing sense-data. Illustrate examples are likely to differ depending on the points being made and can be drawn from various sources: Illusions and delusions (e. g. bent sticks, mirage, hallucinations), perceptual relativity (the real shape of the coin, the real properties of the table), phenomenology (apparent and real speckled hens) or time-lag arguments (seeing the ‘sun’) that distinguish between the way the world appears and the way it is. Consider the claim that the weaknesses of representative realism outweigh its strengths. (30 marks) Knowledge and Understanding Anticipate the following outline of representative realism: There is a material reality independent of our perception of it – an external world – from which experience originates. But our perception of material objects is mediated via ‘ a veil of perception’. Our immediate awareness is of an ‘internal’ non-material something – ‘ideas’ or sense-data – that we take as representative of mind independent external reality. The claim that there is an external world is a hypothesis. Interpretation, Analysis and Application Possible strengths †¢ Unlike common sense, representative realism can account for illusions/hallucinations by proposing we experience ideas/sense-data. †¢ Representative Realism gets the epistemological project right: I have to start from my own ‘experience’ and work outward to an external world. †¢ Representative Realism acknowledges the scientific claim that mind-independent reality is not as it appears to us (and the primary/secondary qualities distinction might be used here to articulate this point.) †¢ Representative realism acknowledges a distinction between appearance and reality but it is able to counter scepticism: it is reasonable to suppose that there is a mindindependent reality that impinges upon me in systematic ways, not subject to will, which my experience ‘represents’ in ways similar to your experience. Possible weaknesses †¢ Representative Realism is incompatible with Empiricism because it makes claims about mind-independent reality that transcend any possible experience: it makes empty assertions devoid of empirical consequences (e.g. ‘a something we know not what’); it illegitimately draws inferences from familiar experience (e. g. observations of casual relations) to support judgements regarding a reality that ‘must be strange’ (Russell). †¢ The apparatus employed by representative realism cannot avoid scepticism: a veil of perception intermediate between object and perceiver opens up an unbridgeable gap. †¢ Representative Realism (at least in its ‘pure’ empiricist form) does not have the resources to escape solipsism. †¢ The scientific appearance/reality distinction need not have any exceptional ‘philosophical significance regarding what there is; it just regulates what counts as relevant/irrelevant when scientists do science (c. f. demarcation issues like ‘Are we doing psychology or sociology? ’ ‘Is that a philosophical point of history? ’). †¢ A candidate might compare representative realism with other positions (e. g. idealism) just as long as the comparison highlights possible strengths and weaknesses of representative realism. †¢ Appeals to Occam’s Razor. Both direct realism and idealism are ontologically parsimonious contra representative realism. Assessment and Evaluation A candidate could argue for the following conclusions: †¢ The weaknesses outweigh the strengths †¢ The strengths outweigh the weaknesses †¢ The strengths and weaknesses balance out, more or less. †¢ Drawing out the implications of ‘something we know not what’ as Berkeley was to do. †¢ Support of direct realism e. g. exceptions can be allowed if they can be explained, correction by other senses. †¢ Presuppositions of recognising deceptions, †¢ Reid’s criticism of phenomenal variability – we can explain and predict. †¢ External world seen as hypothetical, but is this like a scientific hypothesis? Verification issues. †¢ How could we have the concept of a representation if we are only aware of representations. Analysis of how the concept works. †¢ If we cannot know physical objects, then neither can we know their causal powers. †¢ The external world could never be more than a probability. But how do we do the calculations needed for such a claim?

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iSLAM :: essays research papers

Islam began when Muhammad went away and saw the angel Gabriel. He told Muhammad that he was Allah’s; it is how Muslims call god, Prophet. At first people didn’t believe he was the Prophet of Allah. It was until after Muhammad died did Islam start to truly spread. Islam also teaches that there is only one God. Muhammad calls all people to worship Allah, because He is merciful and fair. On Judgment day, he will come and judge everyone according to his or her actions. It is pretty much like the Catholic Church teaches. If you do good things for others you will be rewarded and if you don’t you will go to hell as a punishment. â€Å"And they (women) have rights (over their husbands as regards living expenses, etc.) similar (to those of their husbands) over them (as regards obedience and respect, etc.) to what is reasonable, but men have a degree (of responsibility) over them. And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise." (Al-Baqarah 2:228) Muslims also have different perspectives on certain issues particularly in treating females and males the same way. Men are allowed to have four wives but must treat them with care and love. Men can divorce their wife/wives at any time they wish. Unfortunately, women aren’t allowed to do the same. Muslims have Five Pillars of Faith which explain five major parts of Islam. The first on is on faith and says that there is no god except god and everyone can have. A message of guidance has come through a man like us. Salat are the prayers that are prayed five times a day which brings up the second one, Prayer. Muslims believe that the principles of Islam are only made by god and that money is up to humans only. Just like we have Lent and fasting, Muslims have dates similar to these. During the month of Ramadan Muslims must fast during the daylight. After the fast, it is followed by a feast to only the ones who stayed true to the fasting. And finally, the fifth one is the pilgrimage or the Hajj. Every year, Muslims travel to Mecca, if they can afford it or are in good condition, and it is believed that it gives a preview of Judgment day.

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Black Death and Middle English Word

Why does Chaucer dwell more on the pardoner's love of money than on any other aspect of his character? He was not supposed to have worldly procession he is supposed to be a man of God but does not live the life style 2. Imagine that the pardoner where alive today. What might he do for a living, and how would that profession reflect his character?Anointing oil, Bibles, Tapes cad's of Preaching he might sell these things. He's money hungry that is his goal. WORDS TO OWN Avarice 1 . From the old French word meaning â€Å"to crave† Abominable 2. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"Inhuman† Sauntered 3. From the Latin word meaning ‘to loosen† Carouses 4. From the middle French word meaning â€Å"to drink completely† Covetous 5. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"to desire† Blasphemy 6. From the Greek word meaning â€Å"to speak evil of† Pallor 7. From the Latin Absolution 8.From the Middle English word meaning â€Å"to muse or meditate† S uperfluity 9. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"to overflow' Transcend 10. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"to climb across† Re-write 5 sentences above in your own words Avarice 1 . From the old French word meaning â€Å"to desire† Abominable 2. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"godly' Sauntered 3. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"to walk gaily' Carouses 4. From the middle French word meaning â€Å"drunken† Covetous 5. From the Latin word meaning â€Å"to want† After Reading Questions 1 .What events prompt the three rioters to seek Death? Set out to find Death after becoming drunk at a bar. Their intoxication makes them believe that they can find and kill death itself. 2. What way is the rioter's discovery at the old tree unexpected? They find gold coins and excited about their newly covered treasure, subsequently forget about Death 3. Describe the events that directly lead to their deaths. The three men draw straws to see who among them should fetch wine and food while the other two wait under the tree.The youngest of the three men drew the shortest straw. The two men who stay behind secretly plot to kill the other one when he returns, while the one who leaves for the town poisons some of the wine with rat poison. When he returns with the food and drink, the other two kill him and drink the poisoned wine ? also dying (and finding Death) 4. Where you able to correctly anticipate everything? No, I was surprised by how some events developed. 5. What theme about corruption do you think Chaucer conveys through the selection? Greed is the root of evil.The three young men, who first show their lack of restraint or self-discipline by being drunk early in the morning and then make the mistake of going in search of Death (rather like looking for trouble), quickly lose their loyalty to one another when they find gold (in the place where a mysterious old man told them they would find Death) and are then separated. Two plots to kill one, t he one contrive o kill the two, and all three find what they initially went looking for. 6. A foil is a character that provides a striking contrast to other characters.In what way does the old man serve as a foil to the three rioters? He is a foil to the rioters in that he represents the wisdom of old age. Unlike the rioters, the old man is calm, sober, and respectful; he understands that human beings have no control over death. 7. Cox Irony Example(s) from â€Å"The Pardoner's Tale 1 . Verbal irony occurs when someone states one thing and means another. The Pardoner makes a speech at the end of the selection, when he tries to sell organizers; by his earlier admission, he doesn't believe in the church's teachings about sin, forgiveness, and damnation. . Situational irony is a contrast between what is expected to happen and what actually happens. The rioters expect to find Death under the tree; instead they find gold, which leads to their death. 3. In dramatic irony, the readers kno w more than the characters do. The reader is aware that the older rioters have conspired against the youngest. 9. During the mid-14th century, the Black Death – a massive epidemic of the bubonic plague – swept through Asia and Europe. In Europe alone, one-quarter of the population died.In what way might these circumstances have made people vulnerable to the tricks of the Pardoner and other unscrupulous clergymen? Christians would have feared dying without forgiveness for their sins, as doing so would have meant eternal damnation. The outbreak of the plague would have led many to seek forgiveness in the form of indulgences. They might also have looked to the supposed power of his relics to keep them healthy. Vocabulary in Context 1. False 2. True 3. True Vocabulary Strategy 1. Debonair 3. Piquant 4. Nuance 5. Echelon Vocabulary Study 1. Meting: parley 2. Greed : Avarice .Criticized: Castigated 1. Critique 2. Encore 3. Genre 4. Souvenirs 5. Repartee 6. Most African Ameri can males have brunette hair 7. The finale to the festivals was a ground display of fireworks 8. Women often use rouge cosmetics to color their checks and lips. Vocabulary Practice 1. Parley 2. Avarice 3. Castigate 4. Avarice 5. Parley 6. Castigate 7. The Pardoner's tale is a satire of a man who preaches to people about the evils of money, claiming ‘The love of money is the root of evil. ‘ This phrase was taken directly out of the Bible. In effect, the Pardoner is guilty of his own avarice actions, making

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Marjorie Lee Browne Black Woman Mathematician

Marjorie Lee Browne, an educator, and mathematician, was one of first  black women  to receive a doctorate in mathematics in the United States, 1949. In 1960, Marjorie Lee Browne wrote a grant to IBM to bring a computer to a college campus; one of the first such college computers, and likely the first at any historically black college. She lived from September 9, 1914 to October 19, 1979. About Marjorie Lee Browne Born Marjorie Lee in Memphis, Tennessee, the future mathematician was a skilled tennis player and singer as well as showing early signs of mathematics talent. Her father, Lawrence Johnson Lee, was a railway postal clerk, and her mother died when Browne was two years old. She was raised by her father and a stepmother, Lottie Taylor Lee (or Mary Taylor Lee) who taught school. She was educated at local public schools, then graduated from LeMoyne High School, a Methodist school for African Americans, in 1931. She went to Howard University for college, graduating  cum laude in 1935 in mathematics. She then attended graduate school at the University of Michigan, earning an M.S. in mathematics in 1939.  In 1949, Marjorie Lee Browne at the University of Michigan and Evelyn Boyd Granville (ten years younger) at Yale University became the first two African American women to earn Ph.D.s  in mathematics. Brownes  Ph.D. dissertation was in topology, a branch of mathematics related to geometry. She taught in New Orleans for a year at Gilbert Academy, then taught in Texas at Wiley College, a historically black liberal arts college, from 1942 to 1945.  She became a mathematics professor at North Carolina Central University, teaching there from 1950 to 1975. She was the first chair of the math department, beginning in 1951. NCCU was the first public liberal arts school of higher education in the United States for African Americans. She was rejected early in her career by major universities and taught in the South. She focused on preparing secondary school teachers to teach new math.  She also worked to include women and people of color in careers in math and science. She often helped provide financial assistance to make it possible for students from poorer families to complete their education. She began her math career before the explosion of efforts to expand those studying math and science in the wake of Russias  launching of the Sputnik satellite. She resisted the direction of math towards such practical applications as the space program and instead worked with mathematics as pure numbers and concepts. From 1952 to 1953, she studied combinatorial topology  on a Ford Foundation fellowship  at Cambridge University. In 1957, she taught at the  Summer Institute for Secondary School Science and Mathematics Teachers, under a National Science Foundation grant through NCCU.  She was a National Science Foundation Faculty Fellow, University of California, studying computing and numerical analysis. From 1965 to 1966, she studied differential topology at Columbia University on a fellowship. Browne died in 1979 in her home in Durham, North Carolina, still at work on theoretical papers. Because of her generosity to students, several of her students began a fund to enable more students to study mathematics and computer science

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Types of Head Gear - 1277 Words

Types of Head Gear Implemented/ Effectiveness Within the game of baseball, only select players are required to wear headgear. These include batters and back catchers. The proposal for new pitching caps will be explored within the next section, while the effectiveness of batting helmets and catcher helmets/masks is the focal point of this section. We will begin with a brief overview of the rationale of the helmet. Helmets are ultimately designed to lessen the energy resulting from a massive impact and to disperse the force over a larger surface area.(21) The features that govern effective helmet functioning include, the liner foam, its thickness and density, and the outer shell stiffness.(21) Batting Helmets Goldsmith and Kabo conducted an experiment to establish the success of available batting headgear in 1982, as there was no conclusive understanding concerning the protective ability of these proposed safety mechanisms at that point in time. When running a liner test, they observed that the present materials being used only slightly contributed to the dissipation of energy (at most 10% dissipation of the original energy value).(22) In further tests, they discovered that in fact, it was the bending of the outer shell that assisted in energy absorption through its ability to elastically deform. Inhibition of elastic deformation caused acceleration levels placed on the head to be largely increased. This study concluded that although the present-day helmets hadShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Concussions In Sports807 Words   |  4 Pagesfirst. Especially, when youre doing something that can get you an injury really easy. Having protective gear is important, mainly in sports. Some sport s should have protective head gear. Protecting your head is important, and every part in it. Half of the sports are usually contact sports, which getting hurt in the head can be more of the chance, which is bad. As well, getting hurt in the head has many consequences which no one wants to have. Many athletes get concussions and it’s not good. 90 percentRead MoreThe Cycle Of A Two Stroke Cycle Essay1497 Words   |  6 PagesCYLINDER BLOCK: It is a solid casting body which includes the cylinder and water jackets (cooling fins in the air cooled engines). iii) CYLINDER HEAD: It is the detachable portion of an engine which covers the cylinder and includes the combustion chamber, spark plugs or injector and valves. iv) CYLINDER LINER OR SLEEVE: It is a cylindrical lining either wet or dry type which is inserted in the cylinder block in which the piston slides. Liners are classified as: (1) Dryliner and (2) Wet liner. Dry linerRead MoreSpeech : Understanding Head Injuries Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesInformative Speech Outline Title of speech: Understanding Head Injuries in Soccer Introduction 1. Attention Getter a. Brianna Scurry a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, goalkeeper for the USA women’s soccer team. â€Å"It was the crowning moment of her career† stated by Washington Post, â€Å"a shootout save in the 1999 World Cup Final against China- was a dramatic, across the goal dive memorialized on sports pages around the world. Surry Yelled and fist pumped but she didn’t really smile†. (Dewey, 2013)Read MoreWhat I Had Left Of On Last Year954 Words   |  4 Pagesthings(Heights, Spiders, etc.)And how it can help fix that ( desynchronization) and test it on actual people with actual phobias. Hypothesis-I think it will help them and it will lose their fear. Materials- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 8 Test Subjects GEAR VR Headphones (Particularly Dr Dre headsets) Procedure- 1. Take each subject in a room one by one. 2.Make them play a phobia game (depending on what their fear is) 3.Record reaction. 4.Ask them how they felt. 5.Make them play it multiple timesRead MorePrince Sports: Challenges in the Marketing Environment1731 Words   |  7 PagesPrince Global Sports started out as an unintentional creation of an oversized tennis racquet that Howard Head created all because the thought of simply larger tennis racquet because the game of tennis was too complex to him. His creation launched a money making company later to be known as Prince Sports INC. This company had grown so much they expanded into the footwear, tennis gear, running gear, accessories, sports bags and many more products that had competitors leaving the market. Prince had learnedRead More sequential gearboxes Essay1646 Words   |  7 Pages Running Head: SEQUENTIAL GEARBOXES Abstract nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;This paper will discuss the technology of sequential gearboxes. Relatively new technology, the sequential gearbox has been applied mostly in ATV’s, motorcycles, and the automobile racing industry. Recently this technology has begun to reach passenger cars. There are three main points of discussion; the workings of a manual transmission, how a sequential gearbox works and the advantages of them, and the applicationsRead MoreUsing Solar Energy For Functional Working Of Machine1102 Words   |  5 Pagesintent to be designed. A. Metallic Gear A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque, in most cases with teeth on the one gear being of identical shape, and often also with that shape on the other gear. Two or more gears working in a sequence (train) are called a gear train or, in many cases, a transmission; such gear arrangements can produce a mechanical advantage through a gear ratio and thus may be considered aRead MoreNarrative Essay On Snorkeling704 Words   |  3 PagesCostco to purchase snorkel gear. Luckily for us the gear was just on the in the front, almost falling off the shelve. We quickly grabbed four pairs and headed to the hotel. As soon as we got there we threw on our bathing suits and painfully, slowly, got on my snorkel gear. The flippers were uncomfortable and I didnt like only breathing through my mouth. I quickly got in, pretended to try it and got out almost immediately. I sighed in relief as I took the snorkel gear o ff. â€Å" Those flippers hurt†Read MoreConcussions And Concussions : Concussions1685 Words   |  7 Pagesconcussion is a type of brain injury that mostly occurs when playing in contact sports. Most people do not think concussions are a big deal but they are. In fact concussions can lead to suicide because they cause your brain to not function correctly, especially when having more than one. Not only can they lead to suicide but they also have many long term effects on the brain. I am sure on television, many viewers have seen big collisions where somebody gets a hard hit to the head. It is most likelyRead MoreFootball Is Too Dangerous : Football1501 Words   |  7 Pagesplay mainly in the U.S., daily without regarding the fact of the possible injuries that they put themselves in. Many people think because of all the pads and gear that football is one of the most safest sports to play, well they might have this football mistaken with European style of football or in other names soccer. All the pads and gear does not indeed insure safety, those pads just simply help prevent injuries or make playing the sport just a little bit safer, but they do not fully answer the

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Philosophy - 624 Words

Surname Instructor Course Date Survey of Mexican Philosophical Thought The philosophy of the Mexicans is a production of philosophers from ancestries from Mexico, residing either within or outside the country. The general philosophy surfaced with the introduction of the first school by the Spanish conquerors, with teaching and publications on philosophical treaties. As such, it is critical to deny that these thinkers got education from the European schools, making it quite impossible for Hispanic thinkers to express the sense of racism in their works. In addition, Hispanic-American thought intellectuals rarely produce original profiles because there elements originate from the elements and motifs originally designed†¦show more content†¦Ideology Credited as one of the first ideas of civilization, including their precisely designed lunar calendar, the Maya considered the world as an ordered home. Maya believed the cosmos to be in cycles, which humans are part of, with the rest of the cosmos continuing with its functioning. The ideology of order was the foundation of the Maya world, stemming from movements of the sun, planets, moon, as well as stars, marking time passage. Even when catastrophes occurred, they held on to their belief that the earth functioned in a logical order. In the astronomical studies, the Mayans could not only give explanations to occurring events, but could also explain the restoration of the order alongside the premonition of change. Ritual The Mayan sincerity was evident not only in the belief of all their gods, but also the various rituals they perform. Such rituals ensured that the Mayans continue to hold together through their religion, which penetrates every part of the Mayan life; and has not shown any signs of rupture. The lunar calendars they designed were a wonder and a miracle of their time philosophy, which considered various aspects of human experiences. These ranged from the biology of human, agricultural cycles, as well as the star and planetary movements. What is more, they endeavored to seek harmony and balance by combining the space with time and the cosmos respectively.Show MoreRelatedThe Philosophy Of Philosophy And Philosophy998 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophy is the attempt at answering or understanding the questions that the being who is philosophizing yearns to know or wishes to understand. The importance of what the philosopher wishes to know or understand is not a determinate factor in what it means to do philosophy. The act of doing philosophy is not defined by the subject of examination but by the driving passion of knowing and understanding. This means that an individual that wishes to know why a laptop is a laptop or why is it thatRead MorePhilosophy : Philosophy And Philosophy1292 Words   |  6 Pages As a student at Richland college, I have never studied philosophy before, and I have heard very bizarre claims about what philosophy is. For that reason, I wanted to take a philosophy class so I can learn more about it. Due to lack of knowledge, I used to think philosophy as involving a kind of mystical significant, sometimes resulting from observing problems without solutions. In addition, sometimes I accustomed that philosophy is nothing more than a name that does nothing more than feelingsRead MorePhilosophy : Philosophy And Philosophy1035 Words   |  5 Pages As a student in Richland college, I have never studied philosophy before, and I have heard very bizarre claims about what philosophy is. For that reason, I wanted to take a philosophy class so I can learn more about it. Due to lack of knowledge, I used to think philosophy as involving a kind of mystical significant, sometimes resulting from observing problems without solutions. In addition, sometimes I accustomed that philosophy is nothing more than a name that does nothing more than feelings ofRead MoreThe Philosophy Of Philosophy And Philosophy1451 Words   |  6 Pages Philosophy is recognized by the questions being asked, and the methods used to answer them. These questions are usually the ones that are open-ended, abstract, or the ones that lead to controversial answers. Due to the openness in philosophy, the uncertainty, there is not just one viewpoint that is completely accepted by all to be true. This leads to many disputes and conversations that are ultimately driven by th e core of philosophy, which is its latin translation, the love of wisdom. Now, theRead MorePhilosophy And Philosophy Of Philosophy Essay2033 Words   |  9 PagesWhat is philosophy? Philosophy could be defined in many ways, but I believe that the Oxford dictionary defines it best: â€Å"The study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience or a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour†. That definition basically encapsulates the entirety of what we have discussed during the time that we have been in this course. It covers the basic ideals of both eastern and western philosophy quite eloquently over the spanRead MoreThe Philosophy Of Philosophy1122 Words   |  5 Pagesof whether philosophy from hundreds of years ago, are still relevant to today and the society of which we live? The answer, simply put is yes. It is still relevant because we still do question everything, we still wonder about topics that were discussed b ack then, and because philosophy is the basis of critical thinking, a quality that is still useful today. We often ask questions, which in turn led us to the discovery of the discipline of philosophy. The primary reason for philosophy is to gainRead MorePhilosophy And Its Importance Of Philosophy861 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophy and Its Importance Doing philosophy as many philosophers demonstrate over time and in the present is to simply question the understanding of what is known and not known or accepted and unaccepted. This is to say, that philosophers must question all aspects of life and all the surrounding dimensions of the world. In doing so, the philosopher is trying to grasp a firmer or different understanding of the truth that is either presently or not presently known; whether comforting or not comfortingRead MorePlato, Philosophy, And Philosophy929 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Plato is philosophy, and philosophy, Plato.† – Ralph Waldo Emerson. This was the first quote I read regarding Plato when I first picked up the Great Dialogues of Plato, and turned it over to read the back cover. This quote struck me for some unknown reason and I instantly couldn’t wait to begin reading the dialogues of Plato and begin to understand why he is regarded as one of the great philosophers. The first pi ece I read, was The Apology, spoken by the great philosopher Socrates and writtenRead MorePhilosophy And The Modern Philosophy2035 Words   |  9 PagesUpon talking about the history of modern philosophy, one of the most important philosophers, who is considered as the father of the philosophy in this period, is Descartes. He was a pioneer for the movement of the new trend of philosophy and became a break between the medieval philosophy and the modern philosophy. Being educated in the environment of medieval philosophy, specifically in the school of Jesuits, Descartes received the system of scholastic philosophy as his foundation for making a new startRead MorePhilosophy1334 Words   |  6 Pagescoworker to complete the tasks that were assigned to him. Political Philosophy Political philosophy is a major study area of philosophy. Searching for problems and solutions is political philosophy; the burdens that are problems for societies at that time are researched so that a solution can be addressed properly. One major area of study under the broad umbrella of philosophy is political philosophy. Political philosophy is always searching for a solution to the problems that burden societies